STAT-Harvard Poll on E-cigs: Smokers and Non-smokers Have More Common Points Than They Think

There are surprising commonalities between those polled who have used or tried e-cigarettes and those who haven't. E-cigarettes users and non-users agree on nicotine labeling, the minimum legal age, and both groups have a negative attitude towards tobacco cigarettes. Also, equal shares of users and non-users believe e-cigarettes can help quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, and that e-cigarettes could be a gateway to tobacco for teenagers.
Support for statements about regulation and health effects of e-cigarettes by those who have never used e-cigarettes (76%) and those who have ever used e-cigarettes (23%) compared to the total. The sizes of the enclosed colored areas display the groups' overall negative attitudes about e-cigarettes, tobacco cigarettes, and marijuana. Hover to see details.

Data Source: A poll of adults in the United States by STAT and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

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